Awesome Everyday Makeup!


Hello everyone! I have found the most awesome natural looking makeup look…EVER! If you are like me, you either don’t have a lot of time in the morning to do your makeup every single day or you want to achieve a natural sexy looking glow but don’t know how. As I say, “Eyes are the keys to the soul” and they have to be amazing. So, once again Maybelline New York has not failed me! The product is called Maybelline New York Expertwear Eyeshadow quad in Chai Latte. I absolutely adore this product. It makes your eyes and probably your whole look go from OK to WOWZA! It’s even defined in the pallete which color goes where (lids, crease…etc) and on the back it has a little guide that tells you how to put it on. Also, the quad includes two (2) little sponges to apply the eyeshadow with (so thoughtful). This is a good buy. I have tried it myself and I use this everyday. Amazing Product Maybelline New York!

*I am not endorsing Maybelline New York Products. I am not being paid for advertising. This is my personal opinion* 


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