Extraordinary long black eyelashes

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mascara magic

Seeing as this blog is called ‘Mascara Magic’ I figured that another blog on marvelous eyelashes couldn’t go amiss.  The last blog, last minute mascara, was all about how to get good error proof eyelashes when your in a rush for work or just generally can’t be all that bothered.  This blog, however, is all about getting EXCEPTIONAL eyelashes, when you’ve got a bit more time on your hands.

This is because, for me, creating long, feathery eyelashes are the most crucial part of a makeup routine.  Usually, I’m all one for advocating natural is best, well in so far as when you apply make-up it should accentuate your natural  beauty and not mask it.  But, eyelashes are a whole other ball game.  The bigger, the longer, the blacker, the thicker the better.  There is no ‘too much’.

Curl your eyelashes

I prefer to curl my eyelashes before I apply…

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