The Infamous Hoax


OK, what I am about to say is my opinion on the situation.

By now, everyone should have heard about the two Australian radio hosts’ prank call to Kate Middleton’s nurse. I am sorry to say this but her nurse has been found dead. Here is my point of view on the situtaion from both sides of this tragic event.

RADIO HOSTS: Ok, they made a prank call to Kate’s nurse. Yes, their Queen Elizabeth accents were HOR-RI-BLE but people are forgetting that it was a joke! How were they suppose to know they were actually going to be connected to an actual nurse. It was a bad prank. Get over it. They did not do anything wrong. It is like prank calling President Obama or the Pope.

THE ROYALS: Not to be mean, but the nurse had problems. Who commits suicide over a stupid prank call?? Yes, she may have been going through hard times but who kills themselves and not think about their children? So what if she supposedly left a note for her family before her death. It still does not answer why she would leave her children to be raised without a mother.

RADIO HOSTS: I agree with them, they should have not done the prank. But, please remember it was just for fun. Yes, the results were sour and/or of poor taste but this is a way radio hosts attract listeners. I do not believe they should be investigated for this crime. What crime was committed? They did not tell the nurse to kill herself or she will be killed or threatened her in any kind of way. They did not bully her or the Royal Family.

THE ROYALS: Please note, this is a tragic loss for them, but do not try to make this bigger than what it is. The nurse’s family did not even know about the prank call until after her death. Maybe she was already planning to take her own life and used the prank call to place the blame on the radio hosts. There are endless scenarios/unknown events that could have lead up to this.  The hospital nurses/staff should know what the Queen’s voice sounds like. It is not the same as a random person imitating Peter Griffin from Family Guy, if you watch the show a lot, you should know how Peter’s voice sounds. If you are attending to the needs of the Queen, unless she cannot speak for herself, you should know how her voice sounds as well.

CONCLUSION: A prank call was made…A nurse committed suicide…the media is trying to make this seem worse than it really is…Unknown information…Bad judgements were made…A lesson is here for anyone who likes to make prank calls (don’t do it…it’s stupid)

*This is all my opinion on the situation*


Extraordinary long black eyelashes

amazing. very informational!

mascara magic

Seeing as this blog is called ‘Mascara Magic’ I figured that another blog on marvelous eyelashes couldn’t go amiss.  The last blog, last minute mascara, was all about how to get good error proof eyelashes when your in a rush for work or just generally can’t be all that bothered.  This blog, however, is all about getting EXCEPTIONAL eyelashes, when you’ve got a bit more time on your hands.

This is because, for me, creating long, feathery eyelashes are the most crucial part of a makeup routine.  Usually, I’m all one for advocating natural is best, well in so far as when you apply make-up it should accentuate your natural  beauty and not mask it.  But, eyelashes are a whole other ball game.  The bigger, the longer, the blacker, the thicker the better.  There is no ‘too much’.

Curl your eyelashes

I prefer to curl my eyelashes before I apply…

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Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx



Hello Makeup Fanatics! I present to you my new love. It is Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx. This very product is featured in Allure November 2012 with Lauren Conrad on the cover. The eyeliner is used during her photo shoot and is under “this look can be recreated” section right beside the pics from her shoot. It is like the perfect anti black. It’s not too dark or too light. I agree it looks  AMAZING on Lauren Conrad (A huge fan of hers). You can get this magazine on Newstands for $3.99 ($4.99 for foreign) and the eyeliner for $7.99.

Awesome Everyday Makeup!


Hello everyone! I have found the most awesome natural looking makeup look…EVER! If you are like me, you either don’t have a lot of time in the morning to do your makeup every single day or you want to achieve a natural sexy looking glow but don’t know how. As I say, “Eyes are the keys to the soul” and they have to be amazing. So, once again Maybelline New York has not failed me! The product is called Maybelline New York Expertwear Eyeshadow quad in Chai Latte. I absolutely adore this product. It makes your eyes and probably your whole look go from OK to WOWZA! It’s even defined in the pallete which color goes where (lids, crease…etc) and on the back it has a little guide that tells you how to put it on. Also, the quad includes two (2) little sponges to apply the eyeshadow with (so thoughtful). This is a good buy. I have tried it myself and I use this everyday. Amazing Product Maybelline New York!

*I am not endorsing Maybelline New York Products. I am not being paid for advertising. This is my personal opinion* 

Turkey Day Tips!


Hello, turkey eaters! I have presented to you a few tips on how to deep-fry a turkey. The picture is a Soy Sauce Glazed Turkey. Here are the tips:

1. Test to see how much oil you really need. Do not fill the pot with oil yet. Using cold water, measure how much liquid should be put in the pot to cover the turkey without overflowing onto the burner.

2. Go outside. Turkey frying should only be done outdoors, on a flat and level surface—not in an enclosed area (like a kitchen or garage) or on a wooden structure (like a deck)! Also, remember that oil is also hard to clean off of concrete. Make sure to clear the area of children, pets and intoxicated relatives.

3. Use a fresh bird, or fully thaw a frozen one. The minute any moisture from the turkey hits hot oil, the oil will start to splatter and can cause a spillover effect, starting a fire.

4. Skip the stuffing. You’ll have to keep the stuffing on the side when frying a turkey. Michael Symon’s stuffing muffins with lemony mushrooms and pine nuts, or butternut squash with corn bread, are fantastic. Also, remember to remove the giblets from the bird’s cavity before frying.

5. Lower the bird slowly into the oil. Do not drop the turkey into the deep-fryer.

6. Do not move the pot. Are you Homer Simpson? Adjusting a vat of hot oil is incredibly dangerous.

7. Stick around. Never leave the turkey unattended. It can only take a moment for something to go wrong.

8. Don’t start drinking until after the oil has cooled. Better to be alert until this bird is cooked.

9. Wait to carve. Let the cooked turkey rest for at least 30 minutes, in order to retain the hot juices.

10. Keep heavy blankets nearby for emergencies. Water will not extinguish an oil fire, it will only spread the ignited oil. A wool blanket will help put out flare-ups.

*All credit is to

*The picture is credited to Con poulos

Jhene Aiko- 3:16AM

Ever find yourself lying in bed in the middle of the night, sleepless and restless? Everything you put on the backburner during the day drifts to the forefront of your mind. Jhene Aiko dwells in that moment of mental overload in “3:16 AM,” the first single from her upcoming, highly anticipated Def Jam debut “Souled Out,” due out in coming months.

Perfect Cat Eyes

To all the Liquid Eyeliner and Cat Eye Fanatics out there, I present to you more than one way to get that “purrfect” cat eye look. You can go bold or go soft. The Cat Eye look is timeless and can transform a look with a swipe. But, achieving this look does not have to be done a makeup artist but it will take some practice.





I recommend (Wet n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black $3.99)